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MFi Pro can partner with you to help design and implement a custom audio or av system that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. From a small board room to a large concert hall and everything in between. We can provide recommendations for audio, video, and system control to fit just about any need, objective, or budget.

Our designers and technicians are trained by and maintain certifications from various manufacturers like Extron, Nexo, Yamaha, Shure, and many other strong industry brands. Having multiple certified Extron Control Professionals allows us to deploy and maintain customized AV control systems that are built using Extron Pro Series control products which are the backbone to many of our av solutions. 


In addition to our AV specialists and CAD designers on staff, members of our team have come from the world of IT support & security. With this diversity of experience and knowledge, our design-build process for integrated systems has become much more methodical and efficient, while allowing for easy communication with your network and security teams.

We strive to keep up with all the latest equipment to provide the best solution for your needs. Our team stays up to date with manufacturers and their reps on new product and technologies through in-person demos, events, conferences, and trades shows.  Remote product announcements, online educational webinars, and group training has expanded recently allowing for a much more efficient use of time, which in turn gives us more time to focus on you, the client.

In every board room, conference room, and all-hands space an intuitive user interface (UI) is key. We rely on Extron Global Configurator Professional software to customize the system control experience when using Extron TouchLink Pro Touch Panels.

To learn more about some of our favorite installations, please checkout our Projects page.

“MFi provided our church with expert guidance for the selection of our new audio/video system.  In addition they worked within our budget, making recommendations as we proceeded with the project.”

~Chairperson Board of Trustees, Suncook United Methodist Church~

Bank of New Hampshire Stage
NEXO Bank of New Hampshire Stage

Every project is unique

Whether your space is Board Room, Church, Fitness Center, or even an Athletic Field, our goal is to always provide exceptional service and to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs so we can build a lasting relationship you can depend on, no matter the size or scope of your project.

As a Design-Build technology integrator there are five phases that direct our course of any project from concept to completion, providing cost-effective solutions and applications, including drawings, detailed equipment lists and installation plans whenever necessary.

DISCOVERY: Explore all your needs (and wants) in detail with our team

SYSTEM DESIGN: Define all aspects of the project functionality for each room or area

ENGINEERING: Plan and produce documents and drawings for the installation of the solutions

IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS: Procurement and assembly of your equipment occurs prior to delivery

SERVICE & SUPPORT: Our goal is to keep your system running flawlessly long after the project is done

Careful thought and attention are provided at all times to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs and delivers the benefits you desire. As we are responsible for all phases of the AV and integrated technology work we are committed to making the entire experience from start to finish as effective and efficient as possible.  Ultimately this process makes your entire experience as effective and efficient as possible from start to finish.

Contact us to today to get started on your new integrated AV system! 

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