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Live Streaming

& Video Conferencing

 MFi Pro providing remote Live Streaming Support at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

Would you like to include individuals who are unable to attend your event in-person?


MFi Pro offers unique and specialized Live Streaming and Video Conferencing solutions for your remote event.  Gone are the limitations of stationary one-dimensional live stream capture and viewing.  We offer a discreet multi-camera set up with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) capabilities.

You no longer have to worry about bulky camera equipment or live cameramen impeding key locations or event rows.  The inspirational speech.  The distinguished audience member.  With any live event, details are critical. Key presenters, award recipients, attendees; can all be quickly identified and highlighted with smooth transitions and camera switching features.

This high-quality streaming option will ensure that key program events are captured with multi-angle precision and clarity.  The result is a much more immersive and dynamic viewing experience which also provides a number of custom options for the remote viewer as well.    

MFi Pro features PTZ camera systems for Live Streaming
PTZ Cameras add depth and dimension to live streams
MFi Pro offers a variety of streaming platforms
PTZ Cameras highlight any part of your event
Identify and highlight key event attendees and guests
Click here for the MFi Pro Livestream Guide
  • We maintain accounts on many popular streaming services such as Livestream, Twitch, and YouTube 

  • Multiple streaming and conferencing platforms are available to any size group

  • Enjoy all the benefits of live streaming without the monthly subscription

  • Features include easily shareable links and password protection

  • Allow us to handle the Live Streaming of your event so you don't have to worry about the "tech stuff"

Organizations we've assisted with our Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Services:

MFi Pro providing Event-Based Remote Live Streaming
 MFi Pro providing Live Streaming Support for the

NH Youth Climate and Clean Energy Town Hall

“I cannot thank you enough for pulling out all the stops to accommodate and support the planning team’s vision for the NH Youth Climate and Clean Energy Town Hall.  From expecting to host a small event to an all-hands-on-deck, all-day global event featuring 7 presidential candidates with several hundreds of attendees, 20 student questioners, 72 members of the media, and even a mini protest, you were all up to the changes and the task.” 


~Founder and Principal, Sustainable Futures Consulting~

MFi Pro assisted with the NH Heart Association CycleNation Live Stream
MFI Pro supported the NH Humanities Live Stream


When active engagement, interaction or participation between the presenter and attendees is a requirement for your meeting or event, you should plan on a webinar which is commonly used for interactive or collaborative events.  Zoom, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeeting are common platforms, but we can work with your existing service that is generally included with your organizations productivity suite.  Google Meet is part of the G Suite, while Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams being part of Office 365.


Interested in using a streaming service for live webcasts but are not sure which service is best for you?  Consult with MFi Pro on your first event so that we may help determine what service is best based on features, limitations, and cost.  Once you decide, we will produce your first event offering tips and tricks to ensure future presentations go that much smoother. 

If your organization already has established practices for reaching remote workers, we are happy to use any number of services to get your message out with the appropriate credentials and security protocols.  Our clients have relied on us for years when it comes to using their branded account for their large events, whether that be all-hands meetings, quarterly reviews, or the announcement of a major milestone, all while they handle the smaller events internally.

We will coordinate with your network and security teams to use multicast over your internal network or content delivery network (CDN) using various protocols including: RTSP, RTMP, or adaptive bitrate streaming. 

We have developed a PDF guide of Popular Streaming Platform Services so that you can decide which option is best suited for your Livestream or Webinar:  


MFi Pro Livestream Guide  


Still not sure?    Contact MFi Pro Today!

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