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MFi Pro - Electro-Voice
MFI Pro - Electro Voice MTS Series

MTS Series - Point-source loudspeaker systems for large venues 


  • Full-range horn-loaded loudspeaker with four 15" woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers generates more than 151 dB peak SPL 

  • Proprietary, state-of-the-science, dual lossless Hydra waveform converter feeds a coherent arc source into a large constant directivity waveguide to ensure pattern control to below 350 Hz 

  • Cardioid versions deliver full-bandwidth directivity control that reduces sound spill outside the pattern, enhancing dynamics, improving sound quality and clarifying speech intelligibility 

  • Available configurations include: standard three-way or cardioid, 60° x 40° or 40° x 30° coverage patterns, black or white finish, and partial or full weatherization 

Each MTS model is equipped with four 15" woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers. The system can generate more than 151 dB peak SPL with exact directivity for very-long-throw applications. 

MTS represents a truly holistic approach to loudspeaker design. Loudspeaker geometry, complementary amplifier matching, and digital processing are computer-optimized to ensure precisely distributed SPL that remains balanced and controlled throughout the entire coverage area – even at full output. Four slot-loaded, high efficiency low-frequency drivers are symmetrically coupled to the same full-range waveguide as the compression drivers to create a true point-source with substantial bass response, eliminating the need for additional subwoofers in many applications. 

MFi Pro - Electro Voice MTS 4153
MFi Pro - Electro Voice 6154

The MTS series includes sixteen unique models. These are based on two standard three-way configurations (MTS-4153) with 60° x 40° or 40° x 30° coverage, and two cardioid configurations (MTS-6154) that provide the same coverage patterns with enhanced low-frequency directional control. The 60° x 40° models can deliver extremely high SPLs: 151 dB peak (music) and 154 dB peak (speech) down to 55 Hz at -10 dB; the 40 x 30 models are capable of 152 dB peak (music) and 155 dB peak (speech) down to 50 Hz at -10 dB.


Each version is available with black or white finish, and each is available in a partially weatherized (PW) version for sheltered use or in a fully weatherized (FW) version for full exposure to the elements. All MTS loudspeakers have an IP55 rating, indicating that they are highly impervious to dust and water ingress. 



  • Mix your show like a pro 

  • Optimize every detail of your sound 

  • Room-filling coverage 

  • Super-quick setup 

  • Single-trip portability 

  • Available in black or white 

MFi Pro - Electro Voice Evolve 30M
MFi Pro - Electro Voice Evolve 30M
MFi Pro - Electro Voice Evolve Rolling Case

Superior Electro-Voice sound quality coupled with the most complete feature set in its class – the perfect combination of performance and flexible functionality, in a very compact package 

The EVOLVE 30M is designed to deliver a significant step up in all-around performance for a column system in its size/price category. It includes an eight-channel digital mixer, studio-quality onboard effects, and remote control of all audio, effects and mix functions via the next-generation Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile application (available via the Apple Store and on Google Play). 



  • Professional performance, column convenience 

  • Wide, even coverage

  • Mix it up! Integrated mixer 

  • QuickSmart Link 

  • Easily expand your PA

  • Wireless control & monitoring 

Electro-Voice is expanding its industry-leading EVOLVE series with the launch of the EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker system. The EVOLVE 50M features ElectroVoice’s new QuickSmart Link digital audio and control technology, an onboard mixer, DSP and effects - all combined within the sleek EVOLVE 50 format. The EVOLVE 50M is the perfect choice for bands/musicians, AV rental companies, DJs and any application where true professional audio performance is required in a super-compact and portable package. 


A driving force in concert sound reinforcement since its beginning, EV is dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever‑higher expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals the world over. We channel our industry‑leading engineering experience and R&D resources towards product designs that push the art and science of sound forward, rather than following the pack. 

MFi Pro - Electro Voice X12-125F
MFi Pro - Electro Voice XCS-312 Line Array
MFi Pro - Electro Voice XCS-312
MFi Pro - Electro Voice X2-212

MFi Pro is New England's premier

Electro-Voice Dealer



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