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MFi Pro - Shure Microflex Wired
MFi Pro - Shure Microflex Wireless

For more than 90 years, Shure Inc. has developed best-in-class audio products that provide high-quality performance, reliability and value. Their history of innovation and expertise in acoustics, wireless technology, networked audio systems and digital signal processing, enables them to deliver seamless, transparent audio experiences.

  • Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW)

    • Digital conference system with hardware and software that brings voices together without invasive installs and cable limitations

    • MXCWAPT access point can connect up to 125 MXCW640 rechargable conference units

    • Units are ADA compliant and include color touch screen, intgrated NFC ID card reader, two, three, or five button voting, plus 11 hours of battery life

  • Microflex Wireless (MXW)

    • Available transmitters include handheld, hybrid body pack, boundary, & desktop base gooseneck

    • Scalable up to 80 channels and network ready with Dante digital audio plus connectivity & control, all over Ethernet 

    • Automated frequency coordination for 2, 4, or 8 ch configurations

    • AES-256 encryption keeps your meeting secure

MFi Pro - Shure ULX-D Wireless
MFi Pro - QLX-D Wireless
MFi Pro - Shure Microphones - Wired
MFi Pro - Shure Microphones - Wired
MFi Pro - Shure Microphones - Wired
  • ULX-D Wireless

    • Tour quality single, dual, and quad receivers with network control & monitoring using Wireless Workbench

    • Dual and quad receivers include Dante digital audio networking

    • Transmitter options include handheld, bodypack, boundary, and gooseneck options

    • AA batteries or intelligent Lithium-Ion rechargeable solutions for up to 9 hours of use

  • QLX-D Wireless

    • Budget conscious wireless systems for mid-sized venues

    • Real-time access, monitoring and control throughout the performance from your iOs device for maximum convenience

    •  Transmitter types include handheld and bodypack

    • HH transmitter features interchangeable microphone cartridges

    • Compatible with ULX-D boundary and gooseneck transmitters

  • Wired Microphones

    • SM Microphones - Unparalled mix of audio quality and rugged dependability, SM mics deliver consistent vocal and instrumental reproduction in any performance setting

    • Beta - Beta Microphones are the first choice for top live performers worldwide and are renowned for to their warmth, presence and sensitivity to fine detail

    • KSM - The premium KSM microphones deliver world-class mastery of sound reproduction from exquisite electro-acoustical design and technology using components that capture the world's most accomplished studio and live performances

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MFI Pro - AKG Microphones

AKG Microphones are a synthesis of leading-edge industrial design, innovative electronics, and world-class acoustics. 


They offer a microphone for virtually every application:  

MFi Pro - AKG Dynamic Microphones


Choose from a large selection of great-sounding AKG Dynamic Mics perfect for the studio or the stage where durability and high SPL capability are critical. 

MFi Pro - AKG Condenser Microphones


AKG Condenser mics are the pinnacle of sensitivity and detail, delivering astounding sound in the studio or on the stage.   

MFi Pro - AKG Tube Microphones


AKG Tube mics are the ultimate in warm, pristine quality sound, capturing every detail with the precision your creativity desires. 

MFi Pro - AKG Shotgun Microphones


AKG Shotgun mics with their speed, ruggedness, and high-quality sound are the go-to-solution for situations and conditions that demand highly-directional recording from a distance.

MFi Pro - AKG Headset Microphones


When hands-free operation is paramount, AKG Headset mics are the perfect choice.

MFi Pro - AKG Boundary Layer Microphones


AKG Boundary Layer mics are perfect for situations when speaking directly into a microphone is not possible.  

MFi Pro - AKG Speech & Spoken Word Microphones


Wherever perfect speech clarity is required, AKG has you covered with a wide selection of lapel, lavalier, boundary layer, paging, tabletop, and head-worn mics.  

MFi Pro - AKG Wireless Microphones


With solutions geared for a variety of applications, AKG Wireless Mic Systems are the perfect choice when rock-solid, reliable high-quality sound without wires is required.   

MFi Pro - AKG Drum Microphone Bundles


These quality hand-selected collections of quality AKG Drum Mics for touring, live and studio applications will perfectly capture every kick, snare, tom, and cymbal with perfect clarity. 

Capture the moment live and in the studio with the unmatched quality of AKG Microphones. AKG is known throughout the industry for their passion and high-quality products. If you're looking for AKG quality and the best bang for your buck, check out the AKG line of mics. AKG is affordable, durable, good quality, and can easily cut through your mix.

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MFi Pro - Sennheiser Microphones

Trusted by the world’s greatest artists, you’re sure to find the perfect podcast microphone whether it's for live streams or discreetly using a lavalier microphone to bring you audience closer to your movie or video productions. Sennheiser can be found live on stages around the world, in professional studio productions and in broadcasting.

Sennheiser believes that choosing the right microphone for the application is the most important part of any audio project.  Here we present five (5) categories of purpose-built microphones that cover the spectrum. 

MFi Pro - Sennheiser Live Vocal Mics


The challenges of singing live are a complex mix of requiring detail and clarity while rejecting off-axis sounds and stage noise.  The perfect formula of gain before feedback.  Sennheiser Live Vocal microphones are designed to handle the continuous rigors of live performance, high sound pressure levels, and cut through even the most dense mix with high output results.     

MFi Pro - Sennheiser Studio Vocal Microphones


Frequency range, detail, and low noise are essential ingredients in any vocal recording environment.  Upfront, vibrant, and smooth sound that will make mixing and post-production effortless.  Sennheiser Studio Vocal microphones not only deliver outstanding results, they excel when your goal is to isolate a singer from the rest of the band.     

MFi Pro - Sennheiser Live Instrument Microphones


Applying microphones to live instruments requires eliminating as much ambient sound as possible while capturing a strong signal.  The additional challenge is using a microphone that can handle loud signals and the raw energy of guitar and bass amplifiers.  Sennheiser Live Instrument microphones provide condenser-like detail and clarity and the directivity needed to cut stage noise.    

MFI Pro - Sennheiser Studio Instrument Microphones


Capturing minute instrument details while handling high dynamic sound pressures are both challenges and hallmarks of any good recording process. Sennheiser Studio Instrument microphones provide big, warm sound because sometimes you only have one opportunity to get the right take.      

MFi Pro - Sennheiser Broadcast & Film Microphones


With the increase in Video application recording, camera-mounted solutions are more in demand than ever. Outdoor and less-than-perfect acoustic environments require the ability to withstand the elements and capture articulation and detail while keeping self-noise to a minimum. Sennheiser Broadcast & Film microphones have earned their spot in countless broadcast booths and radio stations.

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