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Control Systems

MFi Pro - Extron TouchLink Pro TLP Touch Panels

Extron is a Global AV technology leader headquartered in the US.  Our staff carry many certifications including Extron Control Professional (ECP) allowing us to design, deploy, and manage customized Extron Pro Series control systems that are fully-equipped to handle all of the evolving complexities of today’s AV system designs.

  • TouchLink Scheduling Panels (TLS) - Connect to a variety of popular calendar services that are ready to be customized with easy-to-use Room Agent Software, no additional scheduling software or external processors required

MFi Pro - Extron IPCP Control Processors
MFi Pro - Extron TLS Scheduling Panels
  • ​​eBUS Button Panels - customizable, integration-friendly AV system control interfaces designed for use with Extron IPCP Pro control processors

  • DTP Systems - A versatile range of products designed to support long distance signal transmission over shielded twisted pair cable in AV switching environments.

  • Fiber Optics - The most complete line of Fiber Optic Products for end-to-end AV signal distribution over fiber optic cabling.

Power Distribution

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MFi Pro - Whirlwind
MFi Pro - Whirlwind PLD Power Distros

Founded in 1975, Whirlwind USA is a manufacturer of power and audio interfacing systems, including digital products that employ the EtherSound standard. They have proven themselves to be a world leader in products for the entertainment and concert touring industries.  

  • PLD- Power Distros

    • Introducing the safest, most reliable UL® Listed Power Distro on the market, and it’s made by Whirlwind, the most trusted name in audio interface. Made in the USA using light weight aluminum panels, premium, fast response magnetic circuit breakers, and top of the line components. Built the way you would expect when the Whirlwind name is on it.

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